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Everyday | Emoticards

Everyday | Emoticards

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Emoticards: a little message for when you need it! Inspired by connections, our everyday emoticards are made for just about any occasion! Each card has a meaningful message and is perfect to leave on a desk, on a pillow, tucked in a suitcase, in a lunchbox, or with a gift! And the tiny envelope makes the note even more special.

Includes one of each of the following sayings:
- Love you Mean it
- Sorry I was crabby,  forgive me
- Bad Day, I'll be back to my brilliant self tomorrow
- Whoops! My Bad
- Shit Happens, Tomorrow is another day
- You Make me Smile
- I'll make it up to you, Promise!
- Proud of ya, Babe
- Hat's off to you
- Sorry you're sad, I'm here for you
- xoxo
- Thanks, I needed that!
- Here's a hug! Almost as good as a real one.
- I'm stressed and I need a nap.
- Thanks for having my back, I've got yours.

- Emoticard size: 3.375"x2"
- set of 15 tiny letterpress flat cards & 3 shades of tiny blue envelopes 
- Packaged in a sealed cello sleeve with all phrases listed on back label

  • Colorbox Letterpress