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Detective | Creative Kit

Detective | Creative Kit

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Step into the shoes of a junior detective and uncover clues with our Detective Kit, a must-have for young sleuths ready to solve mysteries and crack cases! Inside this exciting kit, aspiring detectives will find a magnifying glass and notebook that will help them embark on thrilling investigations and uncover hidden secrets. The magnifying glass allows young detectives to examine clues up close and search for hidden details that might go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Accompanying the magnifying glass is a detective notebook, perfect for jotting down observations, recording evidence, and sketching diagrams. This kit is perfect for those curious kiddos!

Each kit comes with:
- one 4”x6” spiral bound notebook with letterpress cover 
- 40 unlined sheets for sketching and notes
- miniature pencil
- magnifying glass 
- muslin bag to for easy organization and carrying 
- Packaged in a sealed cello sleeve

  • Colorbox Letterpress