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Lunch Box Notes | Emoticards

Lunch Box Notes | Emoticards

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Send a special little message with lunch! Pop in a cute and inspirational lunch box note in your kiddos lunch. These lunch box notes will leave a lasting impression, create a unique new memory, and of course make your children’s entire day! And they come with 15 tiny envelopes, who can resist a tiny envelope?

Includes one of each of the following sayings:
- Smile, I'm thinking of you
- You make me proud
- Good Luck!
- Can't wait to hear about the fun things you learned today
- Do your best!
- Be brilliant
- You are one smart cookie!
- I can't wait to __________ when you get home
- You got this!
- You are my Sunshine!
- Be-you-tiful!
- It's Friday - Happy Dance
- Eat Your vegetables - and we'll have a cookie when you get home.
- Don't worry, be happy
- Love you more!

- Lunch Box Note Size: 3.5”x2.5”
- set of 15 tiny letterpress flat cards & coordinating yellow tiny envelopes 
- Packaged in a sealed cello sleeve with all phrases listed on back label

  • Colorbox Letterpress

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